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Reviews + Essays


Nell Zink's California (The Nation)

How Much Bauhaus Do We Care to Remember? (New York Review of Architecture)

My Year in Reading (The Millions)


Artification and Education in Kogonada's Columbus (Cleveland Review of Books) 

Edith Young's Color Scheme (The Brooklyn Rail)

Gillian Laub's Family Matters (The Brooklyn Rail)

Women Running: Licorice Pizza & The Worst Person in the World  (The Drift's "Mentions")

Design Home (The Drift's "Mentions") 

Survivor Season 1 (The Drift's "Mentions")

Reporting + Interviews


Howardena Pindell’s Decades-Long Fight to Integrate the Art World  (The Nation)

What the Year 2000 Wrought (The Nation)



What's Past is Prologue: Inside the Redesign of The Paris Review  (Eye on Design) 


The Endless Life Cycle of Book Cover Trends (Eye on Design




Why Do Some Books Get a Branded Look? (Eye on Design) 



Anonymous Was a Woman: The First 25 Years (Forthcoming exhibition catalog via Hirmer Publishers / University of Chicago Press) 


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